Press Release: Reform Organization Responds to Anti-Marijuana 'Education'

Louisianans for Responsible Reform

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Yesterday, the GNO Drug Demand Reduction Coalition, along with the LSU Neuroscience Center of Excellence, held an "educational seminar" in Baton Rouge concerning pending legislation regarding marijuana policy in Louisiana.

In response to media coverage of this event Brian Welsh, executive director of Louisianans for Responsible Reform, issued the following statement:

"LRR's main goal is to see to it that the debate around the reform of our state's marijuana laws and the subsequent changes to those laws is conducted in an informed and responsible manner. While we appreciate the participation of these groups in this conversation, we must ask if these organizations and professors are using this information to argue in favor of continuing to fill our state's jails with non-violent offenders.

"The legislation we support (SB 323) is not a legalization bill. It is a bill designed to reduce Louisiana's status as Prison Capital of The World, while saving the taxpayers $20 million a year and protecting families and communities who every day lose fathers and mothers to prison for simple marijuana possession. Our bill removes felony status for marijuana possession and puts us in line with other southern states.

"It is essential as we move forward with this debate that we don't get the issues confused. Diverse opinions about the impacts of medical or recreational marijuana use are welcome and essential in this discussion, but the real issue at hand is reforming Louisiana's archaic and draconian criminal laws that send people to prison for 20 years for marijuana possession."




Media Contact:

James Hartman