Our Team

Greg Thompson | Executive Director

Greg was an Assistant District Attorney in Orleans Parish from 2004-2011 where he prosecuted, among other cases, hundreds of marijuana and other drug related offenses. After leaving the DA’s office and going into private defense practice, Greg became a leading proponent for marijuana sentencing reform. He has been working directly with the Louisiana Sentencing Commission on drafting model legislation concerning this issue.

Brian Welsh | Consultant

Brian is a veteran communications and campaign strategist with experience on both candidate and issue based campaigns. Brian has led communications and messaging strategy for Congressional, Senate and Gubernatorial campaigns nationally. He has also worked and advised on national issue based campaigns for labor, income inequality and immigration groups. Since 2012, Brian has been active in reforming marijuana laws in Louisiana. 

James Hartman | Communications Director

James has served as an adviser and strategist for Republican candidates for local, state and federal offices, and for conservative candidates in the former Soviet Bloc.  Read More >>